}} 05/06/2010
We are bbq'ing again. You can find all the info you're looking for at
And please take a look at the invitation intro.

}} 02/08/2005
What about some bbq'ing? The annual haujobb bbq will be back on the 13th of august 2005. More info at

}} 23/06/2005
We will be at Evoke 2oo5. Why don't you come around too?

}} 04/10/2004
come to Berlin Scene Meeting at 9th of October (Saturday, 3pm to 3am) and watch your favorite demos. vote on

}} 27/09/2004
jazz´s email adress changed internally, however you can always reach me at

}} 20/04/2004
Check out Demovibes, a demo music mix constructed by Willbe. Among 24 songs the soundtrack from the Haujobb demo Art is also included in the compilation.

}} 10/03/2004
Haujobb - 10 years! They say a picture tells more than thousand words, so check out this birthday papa holding our 10 years old baby.

}} 26/02/2004
Haujobb's Green Cheese, PocketPC demo, first presented at Evoke Zoo3, is finally released! Grab it from here.

A lot of people asked be when the demo will be released... Well, we said as soon as the Xcale version will be finished. Unfortunately this won't be happen because of an hdd crash and other reasons. We decided to release the original version of the demo which is ONLY for the 206 Arm cpu. If you have a newer PDA with a Xcale cpu you won't be able to watch it on your device. Sorry for this...

}} 20/02/2004
Haujobb got two nominations at the Awards 2003, FR-034/HJB-104: Time Index got nominated for the best intro and Heart Shaped Box for the most original concept.

}} 05/01/2004
As a small new years present we give you Supergeil, a 256b intro from Optima (btw. it's his first PC release as well). Have a prosperous year 2004 and keep on demoing!

}} 20/12/2003
We are pleased to welcome our latest member on board: Teh Larz, provided by Matt/Haujobb!

}} 09/11/2003
We're back from the Simulaatio 2 party and present you a new intro in co-operation with our friends from Farb-rausch - Please enjoy FR-034 / HJB-104: Time Index.

}} 25/08/2003
Cheers from Cologne, Germany! We released a PocketPC demo in co-operation with Kolor and Park at Evoke Z003 party. While waiting for the binaries, check out the DivX5 video capture of the demo.

}} 02/06/2003
Better late than never? The final version of our Assembly 2000 intro Dead Flowers is now available.

}} 25/04/2003
April news flash: We are not the band Haujobb and there's no common members with them even if we share the same name. Although (very convenient to us) we like to listen Haujobb music. :)

In other news, at Breakpoint 2003 our gfx artists (Wade, Helge and Acryl) showed their skills by taking top 3 positions in freestyle gfx compo and Acryl won also the theme gfx compo. No demo releases this time, but we're working on something new... just hold your breath.

}} 20/02/2003
Our demo Liquid... Wen? got nominated in best graphics and best soundtrack categories for the Awards 2002.

}} 13/01/2003
Visualice left Haujobb and will take a break in demo making. Good luck with all your future projects!

}} 12/01/2003
Altparty 4 is over and we have new demos to share with you: Genoaux and Heart Shaped Box.

}} 20/12/2002
Spark left for Nah-Kolor and Madwizards.

}} 16/12/2002
We are back. A demo presented to you by Visualice, Droid, Cynic, Xhale, Kimmo K. and Hellfire. Straight from State of the Art party in Lille, France. Enjoy!

}} 07/10/2002
Please welcome a new member into Haujobb family! Spark from Poland joined as a gfx/3d artist.

}} 30/09/2002
Welcome to newly opened Haujobb website! Together with fresh new look we also offer bugfixed final versions of the following demos:

o Fukwit Daddy (TP9 intro)
o Chillin (Escape 2000 intro)
o Dead Cells (Elevator 2000 intro)
o Funkkin (LTP4 intro)
o Unet sydämen ajatuksia (Trax 2000 intro)
o Discloned Remix (Remedy 2001 dentro)
o Mother Mother My Eyes Hurt (Kindergarten 2001 intro)
o Mother Mother Fukwit Daddy (Mekka & Symposium 2002 intro)
o Channel 5 Sequence (Mekka & Symposium demo)
o Liquid... Wen? (Assembly 2002 demo)

Especially those who've had to wank their mouse while watching our demos should download the fixes. :)

All content on this page is (c)2002 Haujobb prod.